Finding a balance and maintaining it is crucial to personal health. Native Spirit opened with the intent of helping people find a balance in life, providing a space for healing and connecting  that promotes a stress free life and allows for a better outlook on the day. Our instructors place equal importance on helping you find a physical, emotional, and spiritual balance you seek.


THE HEART- that is where our soul and all the answers exist, this is where we co-create our destiny, where we find connection to source and to each other. Once we find out how to center ourselves HERE. A bounty of changes will come!

I have always been a spiritual seeker, and connecting and looking for higher guidance, and guidance from within. I have always loved to be in nature and have felt a strong connection when being physically surrounded by mountains, trees, rivers... I just love it. I found myself always looking down at beautiful rocks and connecting with them!  When my son was born I really dove in to a natural way of life for him. Along my journey I found The Crystal Reiki Center and eventually became attuned as a Master of Usui and Crystal Reiki. With Reiki we use ourselves as channels for divine light of the universe to heal and connect with source energy. In this practice I call in your guides and other divine guidance. Personally I receive messages from spirit physically.  The Reiki, or energy, knows what to do and where to go. It is our job as the channel to have the intention top heal and connect and then it is really not US that do the work!  After a session you can expect  possibilities from a release, a lift in pain, a desire to REST or rejuvenation. This is your body connecting  to you and giving you awareness of what it needs to heal itself!

I love to connect with people and help them to understand themselves and connect to their higher selves and guides that are always there!

Connecting with spirit doing card readings as well, has been a great joy for me, Spirit always gives us the messages when we are ready to receive.

The best part is, every time I connect to the divine source it channels through me which gives me healing as well. How LOVELY!


Personal Growth from Inner Guidance and Connection to the Heart Space

Balance is the Key