Crystal Reiki


The foundation of where my practice began. Intuitively connecting to spirit  using the healing energy of crystals to align the chakra system and help the body with its healing process, we connect to see what chakra you may need to give some love to and how to do that, what crystals may help along the way. $77. 00 for 75-90 minutes.

  (one hour "on the table")


Intuitive Readings



Are you looking for guidance in stepping into meditation, or would you like some help with manifestation? I love to take the time with you and help YOU take control of your life, we learn how YOU are the co-creator of your life, and how you can connect to the universe and allow it to give you the gifts of abundance and joy that you seek.Coaching Sessions are one hour unless you chose monthly, then our first session is one hour and each following session is 30 minutes.

1 session-$111

3 sessions $333

Monthly -$44/month for 12 months


Connecting to your higher self, your guides and angelic realm we use Oracle and tarot cards to ask questions of spirit in order for you to gain clarity in whatever situation you're looking for guidance in.  Price varies on how in depth you would like the reading to go. 15 minutes up to one hour. This service can be added on to a Reiki Session as well.  $10 for 15 minutes.


* Please drop me a line if you need financial assistance. I beleive everyone deserves and benefits from the work, and when you are well and have learned to connect to your heart center; you, in turn; will help heal this planet.  We designate time for servicing those in need so reach out!  If you feel inclined to donate to those in need you may do so here as well. Love and light!